1.0 Fair skin with neutral undertones
1.5 Light with yellow/neutral undertones
2.0 Light to medium with yellow/neutral undertones
2.5 Light to medium with pink undertones
3.0 Medium with olive undertones
3.5 Medium with tan undertones
4.0 Medium to dark with yellow/neutral undertones
5.0 Dark with yellow/neutral undertones

Totarol antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties to protect and improve skin health.
Alaria Esculenta Extract rich in vitamins and minerals to support skin barrier function.
Jojoba Seed Oil penetrates deep into the skin to regulate sebum production.

Formulated and made in New Zealand.

More than single use. These glass jars can be reused infinitely as part of our circularity program, Re Aleph. Return and we will send them back to HQ for recycling

Concealer / Foundation 3.0